Route info

Tankwa Trail Stage 1 - 32km

Vertical Ascent: 580 metres

Stage 1 Profile

From the race village runners will start this journey with an easy 3.5 km run in a northerly direction before the first section of single track emerges, straight up! A couple of 100 meters of ascent in the first few kilometres will remind runners that this is not a road race, we are in trail running country. The beautiful views to the south overlooking the Koue Bokkeveld bring runners onto water point 1 at 14 km.

The rough single track continues over dam walls and through orchards where runners make their far northerly turn to head west and eventually straight south back towards Kaleo where water point 2 awaits. Don’t let the finish line excitement kick in too quickly, a traverse over a recently cut piece of track that hugs the western slopes of the mountain takes runners past water point 3 towards home.

A gentle descending gradient on the final single track brings runners home, not the toughest day yet, but so very rewarding.

Water Point 1: 14KM
Water Point 2: 19KM
Water Point 3: 26KM

Tankwa Trail Stage 2 - 34.2km

Vertical Ascent: 1100 metres

Stage 2 Profile

The queen stage of this years’ race – a short transfer by bus takes everyone to the infamous Merino Monster, a climb that has gained cult status among athletes all over the world, and about to humble some others…

The Merino farm homestead at the base of this vast mountain plays host to the start – initially runners are granted an easy going 1000 meters or so, but thereafter it gets more challenging. The surface is smooth, but steep and curves upwards towards the mast where water point 1 awaits at 7,5km into the race.

The views from above are breathtaking and on a clear day Table Mountain is visible in the distance. Now a 8km single and jeep track descend will test those legs and take runners onto water point 2 at 17km.

Another short steep climb will expose the views of Kaleo in the distance with single track bringing runners towards water point 3 with the finish in sight.

With Merino and water point 3 left behind, a flat run through the farms and orchards takes runners into a final fun single-track section where the race finish suddenly emerges from down below. A tough day behind makes the hero’s welcome so much more rewarding.

Water Point 1: 7,5KM
Water Point 2: 17KM
Water Point 3: 27KM

Tankwa Trail Stage 3 - 23.6km

Vertical Ascent: 400 metres

Stage 3 Profile

It is compulsory at all Dryland events that the final stage should be a celebration of the past achievement – it is business as usual. An easy leg-loosening run from Kaleo take runners towards the infamous Merino monster…, don’t worry, this monster mountain that crushed the spirit of many mountain bikers a week prior is not on the menu this year, we only pass by in its shadow.

The tracks vary between single and jeep track easy up and down completing a full circle towards Kaleo – this short stage caps a wonderful three days to the waiting cheers of friends and family.

Water Point 1: 10KM
Water Point 2: 18KM

A Terrain Like No-other!