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Compulsory Equipment


The Tankwa Trail will supply a full medical service at the race village and en-route.
Trained medical personnel will also be on the route on quad bikes to handle any emergencies that may occur.
More serious cases will be transferred to any of the local hospitals, where a more comprehensive service is available.
Basic medical services are for free, but recurring injuries or treatment of pre existing chronic conditions will be charged for.
Please remember to carry the details of your medical insurance with, in case of hospitalization.


Massage Packages

Congratulations on taking on one of SA’s most scenic and challenging trail running events.
EPT the ultimate recovery experience, a multi-disciplinary team, are privileged to provide you with a hands-on sports massage service on behalf of the event coordinators, Dryland.
As your official recovery partner at the Tankwa Trail, we would like to offer our expertise to assist you finish this multi stage running event.
In the age of smart training, you are well aware of the strain your body endures during an event of this caliber, so step up a level with EPT recovery for an injury free performance.
Book your recovery massage now to take your running to the next level and stand firm against rogue running.

Please contact Francois Retief for more information or to make a booking:
Tel: 021 886 8042 / 021 808 3469 Cell: 082 456 0221 Email: Web:


Tankwa Trail Training Program

Week 1-4

Session 1 : 35min Easy, excel for 1 min fast after every 5min

Session 2 : 20min Easy, 20 min Tempo pace, 10min Interval pace, 10min Easy

Session 3 : Long slow distance run: 1 hour

Session 4 : Cross set: 10min rowing, 20 push ups, 30min easy run, 50x Skipping, 10 min fast run

Notes : Add 5min every week for session 1, add 10min every week for session 3, add 10 skips and 5 push ups every week session 4.

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Week 5-8

Session 1 : 1 hour Easy run off road, every 10min go hard for 3min

Session 2 : 10min Easy, 20x walking lunges, 20min Tempo, 20x w/lunges, 30min Easy running

Session 3 : Long slow distance run: 1h45

Session 4 : Back to back sessions(2xruns), ideal Friday evening and Saturday morning. Run(a): 45min
including hills or steps Tempo pace, Run(b) 1h30 if possible offroad with water/backpack.

Notes : Add 30 sec to the 3min Inerval part of session1, add 10min every week to session 3, start using your breakfast to get familiar with it before Run(b) session 4.

Week 9-10

Session 1 : 10min warm-up, 5x6 fast effort with 3min easy jog recovery, 10min C/down

Session 2 : 15min Easy, 25x walking lunges, 25min Tempo, 25x w/lunges, 35min Easy running.

Session 3 : Long slow distance run: 2h30, incorporate hills and or steps in your route.

Session 4 : Back to back sessions(3xruns), ideal Friday evening 1h20, Saturday morning 1h30 and one hour later a 25min Tempo run.

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Week 11

Session 1 : 45min off road hill running, work hard on the uphills

Session 2 : 10min warm-up, 4x4min at fast effort with 2min easy jog recovery, 10min cooldown

Session 3 : 60min trail E-pace, use your backpack etc to make sure all works well for the event.

Session 4 : 10min easy, 30min race pace effort, 10min cooldown

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Week 12

Session 1 : Monday: Easy 20min, 4 x 3min hard with 1 min recovery jogs, 10min cooldown

Session 2 : Tuesday: Rest or jog 30min Easy with good stretching

Session 3 :Wednesday: Jog 20min with 6 strides

Prologue: Thursday: warm-up 15-20min with 4x100m accelerations, just before your Tankwa Trail race prologue!!
Day 1 Tankwa Trail: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec accelerations.
Day 2 Tankwa Trail: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec accelerations.
Day 3 Tankwa Trail: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec accelerations.